Niramay Care Centre, an initiative by Dr. Yogesh Sadgir(M.D. Ayurveda, N.C.N.D.D, Yog Pandit, Yog Adhyapak & Reiki Master), was introduced in 2012 with a purpose of helping elders in dealing with old age. We, as a team, have served more than 2000 elderly patients in and around Nashik.

We specialise in post-operative care and offer treatments for paralysis, bedsores, coma, fracture, cerebral palsy and all other Psychological aspects. Niramay Care Centre is a home away from home for the elderly, with all the necessary facilities available 24x7 under one roof. Our staff at Niramay is well qualified to take care of all our guests with love and care. The rooms and ambiance at Niramay Care Centre is calm and quiet making it elder friendly.

We don't treat them like patients, we simply take care of our Guests.

Aspects we work hard on!


We understand that when your elders are admitted at our centre, the one thing they look for is care and cencern. We make sure to create an environment where they feel at home.


Support plays a very important role in our working process. A physical, mental and moral support are somethings they look for, when they get admitted to our centre.

Fast recovery

We have professionals and specialised medical experts who work hard for our guest's fast recovery. Our prime aim when your elder gets admitted to our centre is to help them recover faster.